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Dalian Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd. Is an import and export trading company, mainly specialising in international trade and produce all kinds of castings, welding parts, machinery parts, and plastic products. The company has professional technical inspection personnel and experienced managing personnel,  undertakes the production and management of products according to the requirements of the customers, and strictly enforces the technical requirement and quality inspection of products. Adhering to the objective of "Quality laid foremost, Customer regarded supreme", the company has provided first-class products and services for customers at home and abroad over the years and established a long-term friendly cooperating relationship with well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Under the recognition and support of cooperating enterprises, the scale of the company has gradually increased. Dalian Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely hope to established a friendly relationship with enterprises at home and abroad. 

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Dalian TianLi machinery co., LTD
Address: I, 9 / F, International Financial Hotel, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
tel: 0411-82507788  82507778  82507718
fax: 0411-82507768
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